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Terms of Service

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1. Course: Recruiting Candidates

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Recruiting
  • Chapter 2: Candidate Interest – How do We Know?
  • Chapter 3: First Contact with Candidates
  • Chapter 4: Resistant Candidates
  • Chapter 5: Why Passive Candidates
  • Chapter 6: Where do you Find These Passive Candidates?
  • Chapter 7: How to Deal with Candidates on the Job Boards?
  • Chapter 8: How to Telephone Source for Names
  • Chapter 9: Making First Contact
  • Chapter 10: Getting Referrals
  • Chapter 11: When Candidates Respond with “I’m Happy”

2. Course: After They Say Yes

  • Chapter 1: Qualifying the Candidate
  • Chapter 2: How to Keep Candidates from Flaking Out
  • Chapter 3: When the Candidate Says “Yes”
  • Chapter 4: Move the Candidate Forward and Set Expectations
  • Chapter 5: How to Handle Candidate Concerns about the Economy

3. Challenges With Candidates

  • Chapter 1: The Very Eager Candidate


1. Course: Gatekeepers

  • Chapter 1: Getting Through Receptionists
  • Chapter 2: Getting Through The Receptionist With Empathy

2. Course: Niche Development

  • Chapter 1: Niche Development
  • Chapter 2: Unique Selling Proposition
  • Chapter 3: Pockets of Opportunity

3. Course: Selling to Clients

  • Chapter 1: Finding the Real Decision Maker
  • Chapter 2: How to Talk to Clients
  • Chapter 3: How to Ask for business
  • Chapter 4: Overcoming Client Objections
  • Chapter 5: Identifying Key Selling Points: Differentiation
  • Chapter 6: Principles Behind Sales and Client Development
  • Chapter 7: How to Get Business Without Cold Calling
  • Chapter 8: Selling Your Service by Using SPIN Selling

4. Course: Challenges with Clients

  • Chapter 1: Turning HR Into an Advocate
  • Chapter 2: Slow Moving Clients
  • Chapter 3: Confirming The Fee
  • Chapter 4: Hey We Know That Guy
  • Chapter 5: Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Services
  • Chapter 6: You’ll Have to Deal with HR

5. Course: How to Take the Search Assignment

  • Chapter 1: Taking the Search Assignment
  • Chapter 2: The Organizational Chart Tool
  • Chapter 3: Pitfall #1: Not Assuming a Leadership Role with the Client
  • Chapter 4: Pitfall #2: Not Setting Expectations
  • Chapter 5: Pitfall #3: Not Knowing the Client’s Processes for Hiring
  • Chapter 6: Pitfall #4: Not Getting All of the Decision Makers Involved
  • Chapter 7: What to Ask the Client When You Take the Search Assignment
  • Chapter 8: Creating a Performance Profile
  • Chapter 9: Discussing Candidate Comp with the Client
  • Chapter 10: Learning More About Your Client’s Organization
  • Chapter 11: Getting Referrals from Your Client
  • Chapter 12: Expectations with the Client
  • Chapter 13: Summary of Taking Search Assignments

6. Course: Marketing Candidates

  • Chapter 1: MPC Candidates Part 1
  • Chapter 2: MPC Candidates Part 2
  • Chapter 3: MPC Candidates Part 3
  • Chapter 4: MPC Candidates Part 4
  • Chapter 5: More on MPC Candidates
  • Chapter 6: How to Qualify the Candidate You Will Market
  • Chapter 7: Getting Through Gatekeepers When Marketing a Candidate
  • Chapter 8: Confirming the Fee when you MPC

Deal Management

1. Course: Closing Deals

  • Chapter 1:Vital Signs of Your Deal
  • Chapter 2: The Ideal Close
  • Chapter 3: Candidates
  • Chapter 4: Clients
  • Chapter 5: Testing the Offer with the Candidate
  • Chapter 6: Resignation Prep and Counteroffer Issues
  • Chapter 7: How the Resignation meeting Will Unfold
  • Chapter 8: After the Candidate Turns in Notice
  • Chapter 9: After You Have Made the Placement
  • Chapter 10: Resurrecting the Placement

2. Course: Interviews and Candidates

  • Chapter 1: The Candidate Interview Prep
  • Chapter 2: Discussing Candidate’s Employer During the Interview
  • Chapter 3: Addressing Key Performance Issues
  • Chapter 4: Bringing Closure to the Meeting
  • Chapter 5: Candidate Interview Debrief
  • Chapter 6: Questions to Ask the Candidate During the Debrief

Personal Development

1. Course: Developing the Character of a Big Biller

  • Chapter 1: Big Biller Character Traits
  • Chapter 2: Journals and Creative Ideas
  • Chapter 3: Creating a Business Reading Plan

2. Course: How to Improve Call Performance

  • Chapter 1: How to Make More Calls
  • Chapter 2: How to Overcome Phone Fear

3. Course: Influence and Persuasion

  • Chapter 1: Three Steps to Gaining Influence
  • Chapter 2: Intro to Influence
  • Chapter 3: The Contrast Principle
  • Chapter 4: The First Cardinal Rule of Human Behavior
  • Chapter 5: Principle of Reciprocity 
  • Chapter 6: Scarcity Principle
  • Chapter 7: Principle of Social Proof

4. Course: Time Management

  • Chapter 1: Time Management
  • Chapter 2: Cutting Through the Information Clutter
  • Chapter 3: Annual Goals
  • Chapter 4: Specific Goals of Achievement
  • Chapter 5: Seven Secrets of Good Planning
  • Chapter 6: Daily Planning

5. Course: Communication Skills

  • Chapter 1: Eliminating UH from Your Vocabulary
  • Chapter 2: Building Authority in your Voice

6. Course: Motivation

  • Chapter 1: The Seven-­Step Motivation Ritual


1. Course: Client Development Sales

  • Chapter 1: Strategy: Getting New Clients
  • Chapter 2: If You Have To Cold Call
  • Chapter 3: Gain Credibility Through Research
  • Chapter 4: Sales Principles
  • Chapter 5: SPIN Selling
  • Chapter 6: The Implication Quadrant
  • Chapter 7: Dealing With a Problem Client
  • Chapter 8: How To Get To The Decision Maker
  • Chapter 9: Client Pain Points And The Emotional Context
  • Chapter 10: Be The Trusted Advisor
  • Chapter 11: Probing Questions – The Power of W5H
  • Chapter 12: Voice Authority Attitude
  • Chapter 13: Phone Power Secrets
  • Chapter 14: Relationship Selling Doesn’t Work

2. Course: Onboarding

  • Chapter 1: Client Relationship Secrets
  • Chapter 2: Setting Expectations With Clients
  • Chapter 3: Managing The Process