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“Recruiting is a personal development opportunity
disguised as a business.” –Scott Love


Get virtually coached by recruiting expert, Scott Love. Recruiter VT gives you full access to his complete system of recruiting. His virtual training will help you make more placements with higher fees and shorter closing cycles.

Join Scott today on an adventure to bigger billings and more excitement in your recruiting practice.

Does your firm have 3 or more recruiters or staffing professionals? Schedule a tour and speak directly with our team about how the the platform works and how it can improve your bottom line.

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Recruiter Training Courses

Membership to RecruiterVT includes content-rich video courses that cover all aspects of successfully working a desk. You will find courses that cover generating business, getting new clients, managing the process, personal performance, and staffing sales training. All of the courses work together as an integrated system that can help you become a big biller.

Full Course List

Take a look at the complete curriculum. You will find training content that will give you everything you need to grow your search practice, expand your margins, and put some excitement back into your desk.

About Scott Love

As a professional speaker and trainer, Scott Love shortens the learning curve of new recruiters and sales people and helps experienced ones break through their barriers and reach their full potential. His training and consulting company has earned the number one Google ranking for ‘recruiter training’ for over four years.

Scott has authored three books, produced hundreds of video training courses and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Selling Power Magazine, and dozens of trade journals and business publications around the globe. Over 4,500 recruiting and staffing firms from over 35 countries have invested in his tools and systems.

Scott has spoken at nearly every trade association in the industry and hundreds of other events, associations, networks and sales meetings. Scott is the only recruiting trainer in the industry who is a member of the National Speakers Association. Scott is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a watercolor artist, and an amateur stand-up comic. He is married with two children and one invisible dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have difficulty accessing the membership area of the site?

Email us! We offer web support by email and will get back with you right away. Email us here.

What are the terms of membership?

Members can cancel at any time. You can conveniently cancel your account and billing within your member dashboard by clicking “My Billing Profile.” If you want to cancel by email, please send your request here. You must request cancellation 48 business hours prior to your next charge to keep from being billed again. We do not offer refunds.

How experienced are you at getting recruiters to produce?

I’ve conducted extensive training for search firms and staffing agencies in their offices coast to coast. Over 4,500 search firms and staffing agencies have invested in my training tools. Always look at the fruit on the tree. And always ask around. Don’t just call those people who the trainer tells you to call. Ask your industry leaders who they think the most effective trainers are.

What makes your training unique?

People say that my style of recruiting (values-based, results-focused, process-oriented) fits in with how they live and recruit as well. To me, it’s not just about the money. It’s about changing lives and creating wealth because of how much value you offer to others. I use humor and stories to keep people engaged but I teach with a systems-based model of achievement. Training shouldn’t focus on the talent of the trainer nor how articulate and gifted he or she is. Instead, it should focus on creating systems of achievement so that average people can achieve above average billings.

We are subscribers to another trainers site but have found your training to be effective. Should we cancel the other program?

Not necessarily. I think it’s great to get a balanced approach and multiple opinions on how to work the business. One recent member also subscribes to two other training sites in the business. You need to go where you are fed and follow those people who can help you. I’m not the best trainer for everyone. Some people just don’t relate with my style or my attitude, and that’s okay because there are other great options out there. But some people found that my style complements what they have learned from others.

Will you make me a big biller? Can you guarantee I will be successful?

You are totally responsible for everything that happens to you, so no, I can’t guarantee it.

But I can guarantee that I will do my best to offer knowledge and systems that will give you information that you need to be successful, but the rest is up to you. Honestly, the tactical knowledge of the business only contributes to your success by a factor of five percent. That’s it. But that’s all that most other trainers focus on. As you advance in your career, the technical knowledge matters less and less and then it’s important for you to work in areas of your mental thought processes and attitude, your strategic decision-making skills, and your work habits. That’s why my system of achievement in recruiting focuses on all four of those facets of success in our business.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

‘I have closed six deals since joining two months ago.’

Thanks for all the help…. I have closed 6 deals since joining two months ago.

JEFF BELLSTEIN, Executive Recruiter - The Tennison Group

‘I just received my third fee agreement from three different clients using the tools on the site.’

I just received my third fee agreement from three different clients using the tools on the site. You have helped me so much. I am brand new in the business, this is my second month. If it were not for your website, there is no WAY I could be doing this, Scott!

LORI STEPHENS, Recruiter - Seminole Metals

‘Scott has helped me breathe new life and vigor into my recruiting career.’

I am pleased to say that Scott has helped me breathe new life and vigor into my recruiting career. After twenty years in the business, I have never felt like I have been able to firmly get my arms around all the essential skills to be as effective as I want to be and make the money I know I should be able to make. Scott is helping me change that, one week at a time. To me it seems foolish for any recruiter to think they do not need the ongoing support and training of someone as effective as Scott Love. Anyone can claim to be an industry trainer, but it is his ability to passionately and practically convey his knowledge and experience that makes Scott unique. The (learning platform) gives you the … real world support to help instill habits, solve challenges, and use new approaches that truly make the difference. He is what I would consider to be the Steven R. Covey of our industry, helping us -sharpen the saw- so to speak and keep it real through practical training and an abundance of exceptional resources.


‘I have seen a significant increase in my output’

After studying your materials I have seen a significant increase in my output and I would like to thank you for this. Keep up the good work!



1. Course: Recruiting Candidates

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Recruiting
  • Chapter 2: Candidate Interest – How do We Know?
  • Chapter 3: First Contact with Candidates
  • Chapter 4: Resistant Candidates
  • Chapter 5: Why Passive Candidates
  • Chapter 6: Where do you Find These Passive Candidates?
  • Chapter 7: How to Deal with Candidates on the Job Boards?
  • Chapter 8: How to Telephone Source for Names
  • Chapter 9: Making First Contact
  • Chapter 10: Getting Referrals
  • Chapter 11: When Candidates Respond with “I’m Happy”

2. Course: After They Say Yes

  • Chapter 1: Qualifying the Candidate
  • Chapter 2: How to Keep Candidates from Flaking Out
  • Chapter 3: When the Candidate Says “Yes”
  • Chapter 4: Move the Candidate Forward and Set Expectations
  • Chapter 5: How to Handle Candidate Concerns about the Economy

3. Challenges With Candidates

  • Chapter 1: The Very Eager Candidate


1. Course: Gatekeepers

  • Chapter 1: Getting Through Receptionists
  • Chapter 2: Getting Through The Receptionist With Empathy

2. Course: Niche Development

  • Chapter 1: Niche Development
  • Chapter 2: Unique Selling Proposition
  • Chapter 3: Pockets of Opportunity

3. Course: Selling to Clients

  • Chapter 1: Finding the Real Decision Maker
  • Chapter 2: How to Talk to Clients
  • Chapter 3: How to Ask for business
  • Chapter 4: Overcoming Client Objections
  • Chapter 5: Identifying Key Selling Points: Differentiation
  • Chapter 6: Principles Behind Sales and Client Development
  • Chapter 7: How to Get Business Without Cold Calling
  • Chapter 8: Selling Your Service by Using SPIN Selling

4. Course: Challenges with Clients

  • Chapter 1: Turning HR Into an Advocate
  • Chapter 2: Slow Moving Clients
  • Chapter 3: Confirming The Fee
  • Chapter 4: Hey We Know That Guy
  • Chapter 5: Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Services
  • Chapter 6: You’ll Have to Deal with HR

5. Course: How to Take the Search Assignment

  • Chapter 1: Taking the Search Assignment
  • Chapter 2: The Organizational Chart Tool
  • Chapter 3: Pitfall #1: Not Assuming a Leadership Role with the Client
  • Chapter 4: Pitfall #2: Not Setting Expectations
  • Chapter 5: Pitfall #3: Not Knowing the Client’s Processes for Hiring
  • Chapter 6: Pitfall #4: Not Getting All of the Decision Makers Involved
  • Chapter 7: What to Ask the Client When You Take the Search Assignment
  • Chapter 8: Creating a Performance Profile
  • Chapter 9: Discussing Candidate Comp with the Client
  • Chapter 10: Learning More About Your Client’s Organization
  • Chapter 11: Getting Referrals from Your Client
  • Chapter 12: Expectations with the Client
  • Chapter 13: Summary of Taking Search Assignments

6. Course: Marketing Candidates

  • Chapter 1: MPC Candidates Part 1
  • Chapter 2: MPC Candidates Part 2
  • Chapter 3: MPC Candidates Part 3
  • Chapter 4: MPC Candidates Part 4
  • Chapter 5: More on MPC Candidates
  • Chapter 6: How to Qualify the Candidate You Will Market
  • Chapter 7: Getting Through Gatekeepers When Marketing a Candidate
  • Chapter 8: Confirming the Fee when you MPC

Deal Management

1. Course: Closing Deals

  • Chapter 1:Vital Signs of Your Deal
  • Chapter 2: The Ideal Close
  • Chapter 3: Candidates
  • Chapter 4: Clients
  • Chapter 5: Testing the Offer with the Candidate
  • Chapter 6: Resignation Prep and Counteroffer Issues
  • Chapter 7: How the Resignation meeting Will Unfold
  • Chapter 8: After the Candidate Turns in Notice
  • Chapter 9: After You Have Made the Placement
  • Chapter 10: Resurrecting the Placement

2. Course: Interviews and Candidates

  • Chapter 1: The Candidate Interview Prep
  • Chapter 2: Discussing Candidate’s Employer During the Interview
  • Chapter 3: Addressing Key Performance Issues
  • Chapter 4: Bringing Closure to the Meeting
  • Chapter 5: Candidate Interview Debrief
  • Chapter 6: Questions to Ask the Candidate During the Debrief

Personal Development

1. Course: Developing the Character of a Big Biller

  • Chapter 1: Big Biller Character Traits
  • Chapter 2: Journals and Creative Ideas
  • Chapter 3: Creating a Business Reading Plan

2. Course: How to Improve Call Performance

  • Chapter 1: How to Make More Calls
  • Chapter 2: How to Overcome Phone Fear

3. Course: Influence and Persuasion

  • Chapter 1: Three Steps to Gaining Influence
  • Chapter 2: Intro to Influence
  • Chapter 3: The Contrast Principle
  • Chapter 4: The First Cardinal Rule of Human Behavior
  • Chapter 5: Principle of Reciprocity 
  • Chapter 6: Scarcity Principle
  • Chapter 7: Principle of Social Proof

4. Course: Time Management

  • Chapter 1: Time Management
  • Chapter 2: Cutting Through the Information Clutter
  • Chapter 3: Annual Goals
  • Chapter 4: Specific Goals of Achievement
  • Chapter 5: Seven Secrets of Good Planning
  • Chapter 6: Daily Planning

5. Course: Communication Skills

  • Chapter 1: Eliminating UH from Your Vocabulary
  • Chapter 2: Building Authority in your Voice

6. Course: Motivation

  • Chapter 1: The Seven-­Step Motivation Ritual


1. Course: Client Development Sales

  • Chapter 1: Strategy: Getting New Clients
  • Chapter 2: If You Have To Cold Call
  • Chapter 3: Gain Credibility Through Research
  • Chapter 4: Sales Principles
  • Chapter 5: SPIN Selling
  • Chapter 6: The Implication Quadrant
  • Chapter 7: Dealing With a Problem Client
  • Chapter 8: How To Get To The Decision Maker
  • Chapter 9: Client Pain Points And The Emotional Context
  • Chapter 10: Be The Trusted Advisor
  • Chapter 11: Probing Questions – The Power of W5H
  • Chapter 12: Voice Authority Attitude
  • Chapter 13: Phone Power Secrets
  • Chapter 14: Relationship Selling Doesn’t Work

2. Course: Onboarding

  • Chapter 1: Client Relationship Secrets
  • Chapter 2: Setting Expectations With Clients
  • Chapter 3: Managing The Process